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Mindfulness Colive

13 Jan – 10 Feb
We're gathering those who are ready to go deep into meditation, everyday for a month. While working remotely, surrounded by nature.

Join a tribe of conscious entrepreneurial people, by beaches of south Portugal. Do a movement & meditation session, each morning together. Then get coworking. Finish by heading for sunset communal dinner, playing some volleyball or gazing at the stars.

This is not a retreat .... this is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour and a half each morning. Allowing you to integrate presence into your daily life over the month. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, cook together, exchange skills, chill by the pool, whatever.

week one

Create Your Foundation

  • Learning concentration & breathing methods for effective meditation

  • Entering a daily routine of silent sitting, with Yoga & Pranayama practice

  • Learning insights from Buddhism, Patanjali and Hatha Yoga

week four

The Apprentice's Path

  • Embracing a beginner's mindset and learning to keep the spiritual process simple

  •  Refining the processes from the earlier weeks

  • Reflection and intention setting for your practice after the colive

week two

Enter True Meditation

  • Introducing a self-inquiry method based on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi

  • Learning insights from non-dual Vedanta & Tibetan Buddhism

  • Reaching states of absorption and non-dual awareness (samadhi)

week three

Yogic Embodiment

  • Infusing spiritual practice and meditation into the flow of daily life

  • Integrating insights from meditation into worldly embodiment

  • Learning to work consciously with emotions, energy, the shadow, and human relating

The Journey

subject to change

for the
Practical Idealists

Founders, community builders, freelancers, technologists, creatives, remote workers and more... we select creators who are also warm-hearted & inwardly curious.