• Harry Verma

Where We'll Be: The Yoga Colive In Bali

Our home will be exotic yet modern; connected to nature & connected to wifi...

In finding the ideal space to experiment with a new way of life ...

We'd need somewhere that's surrounded by lush nature.

Yet also with desks & fast wifi.

We'd need a shala to practice yoga from.

A communal kitchen we can cook from.

And lounges we can gather in.

We'd need rooms for a tribe of twenty-five, to have our privacy.

Yet also have lots of outdoor spaces to live collectively.

seems like a lot, eh?

Well, somehow we've found a venue that covers all of those needs – and so much more...

We'll each stay in airy double bedroom en-suites, all living in the same place but with plenty of privacy.

There's a communal kitchen in case you prefer to cook meals, or cook together with some others from the tribe. Of course, there's also the many restaurants and cafes of Ubud too, just a few stones throws away.

There'll also be lounges and communal spaces – both indoors and outdoors.

And a modern cowork space.

The yoga shala is on-site, a huge roofed space that's open at the sides so we can overlook the banyan trees and rice fields that surround us.

Oh, and our place has two pools too.

And a wellness spa(!)

Pool tables.

A lagoon.

And a team of ayurveda practitioners on site.

It's the perfect setting for our month-long experiments.
Now it just needs ... well, the right people there. Maybe that's you(?)

In Ubud, Bali

We'll be in a peaceful area of Ubud, surrounded by coconut groves and rice fields. Giving us tranquility and nature.

But we're also super well connected – just a few minutes away and we get Ubud's energy emerging.

With stone Hindu temples and carvings, lush tropics everywhere and kind locals... there's also a vibrant Western spiritual community here, digital nomads and phenomenal cafes.

Making it easy to eat out, explore culturally rich sites and get fresh inspiration.

A Word On Coworking

This is a hugely important part of our concept. To be able to thrive in each our entrepreneurial endeavours while out there, is what makes this more integrated way of life possible.

There's a cowork space on-site so that you can get your work done. Whether it's via collaborating with others, or doing deep work.

Got calls? There's plenty of lounges, nooks & tables spread around the space too, so you can make it happen in peace.

Not to mention your bedrooms too.

Basically, you don't even have to take a day off during the month experiment.

And you may find that you create more value out there than in your normal routine.