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Sacred Valley, Peru

Breathe & Move Colive

1 Feb – 28 Feb

23 spaces, 1 left

Peru • Feb • €2250

Breathe & Move Colive
We're gathering those ready to go on an inner journey over a month – through breathwork & movement. While working remotely, in the Sacred Valley.

Join a tribe of conscious entrepreneurial people, in the valleys of the Incas. Do a breathwork session, each morning together. Then get coworking. In the evening, join a somatic movement session. Then finish by heading for sunset communal dinner, exploring the mountains or just gazing at the stars together. 

This is not a retreat .... this is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour most mornings and evenings Allowing you to integrate presence into your daily life over the month. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, explore, exchange skills, chill by the pool, whatever.

week one

Lay Your Foundation

  • Explore three ancient breathing techniques categorised in Water, Ice & Fire

  • Enter a sequence rooted in Hatha Yoga and other mindful movement practices

  • Learn principles & wisdom behind these breathing & movement techniques

week four

The Holistic You

  • Sessions begin to combine breathwork, movement and stillness now

  • Bridge the practices with your daily life, so that you continue after the colive

  • Come full circle with your intentions, reflecting on the journey and sharing what you'll integrate

week two

Ground Into The 'Now'

  • Expand into three more advanced breathing techniques, delving into your core essence

  • Explore techniques to release flow of energy within your system

  • Flow further into your movement practice, intertwining it with the mountains and local nature

week three

Go Deep Within

  • Use the power of movement and breath as tools for deep meditation

  • Movement focusses on the fascia, coordination, and advanced balances.

  • With your growing connection to the mountains, enter techniques from rebirthing and Wim Hof, unlocking emotions and profound states of being

The Journey

subject to change

for the
Practical Idealists

Founders, community builders, freelancers, technologists, creatives, remote workers and more... we select creators who are also warm-hearted & inwardly curious.