We're building a global movement that brings together the worlds of inner connection & outer creation.

So that we feel alive – and shape the world around us for the better.
We're making it happen through three pillars:
Physical Spaces: from Colives to permanent campuses in nature – that have areas for both entrepreneurial creation and inward connection.
Intense Experiences: such as Flows and the themes in our Colives. Where we connect deeply inwards, and take bold action on those realisations.
Amazing People: A select community of misfits, creators & explorers that can self organise and take action together.

Your Self: from mental stillness, purpose, belief systems. to physical flexibility, balance, strength & the breath.

Others: relate deeply to other beings, through shared in-person moments.

The World: local ecosystems, primal living, even the mysteries underlying this reality.

Select Community: surround yourself with likeminded driven people. To share, collaborate  & multiply your impact.

Entrepreneurism: our world is capitalist. So we need to be able to create value within that system; for freedom & lasting impact.

Bold Action: make shit happen, constantly at your edge – & learn faster for it. Nothing happens without this mindset.

Like so many in our generation, we found ourselves disillusioned by the state of society; –


Where we live disconnected from each other, ourselves and the natural world. With societies focussed on consumption, speed and individual success.


There has to be a better way.

So we created a company called Nomad MBA. Which brought purpose-driven professionals together to colive for 3 months across the world, while launching new ideas.

We ran 11 programs over 4 years, with 300+ attendees and 100+ ideas successfully launched.

From it, we realised that there's so much strength in bringing these entrepreneurial, conscious people together as communities.


But we were only finding that temporarily, through programs & retreats...

That’s why we founded Innate.


So that we can come together to create a new reality. Where we can connect to ourselves, to others & the world around us. And then take bold action to create lasting change in the world around us. As a community, everyday.


That is how we feel truly alive – and shape the world around us for the better.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Feeling alive isn’t ‘being happy’. It’s fully experiencing all the ups & downs. While not letting them own you.

There are other realities and states of being apart from this one.

You’re only as honest as the actions you take.

Nothing is off limits. Being boldly curious will take us towards higher truths faster.

We can all be creators rather than consumers.

The ‘mind’ and ‘body’ aren’t separate. They’re intertwined.

Pursuing your purpose, with a community, is innately fulfilling.

If you can truly connect to the present moment just once per day. That is enough : )


1 hour intense-experiences that combine breathwork/ calisthenics/yoga/philosophy/ whatever the hell it takes – all with stunning music. To connect you to higher states of being.


A global community of creators – who believe we can create more deeply connected ways of life. While still impacting the world around us.


Monthly themed co-lives in remote areas of the world. Always with a handpicked tribe, a cowork space to create from – and an inward theme.