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June 12 - 16  •  Andalucia, Spain

the idea is simple. bring remarkable people together ... in a beautiful setting ... & open ourselves up to the moment.
Come as an individual. Leave as friends / cofounders / co-conspirators ... as a community


✔  full access to Cortijo campus

✔  experiences, workshops, flows throughout the day

✔  a tribe of warm & self-aware people

✔  3 organic vegan meals per day

✔  your private bed for 4 nights

✔  facilitation of the whole Summit by us

✔ the intangible moments we can't stick in a list ... laughter, tears, friendships made, companies sparked, tunnels created on the dancefloor (if you know, you know)


This is a co-created event. Each person who comes can opt to run any experience they want – nothing is off limits.

Expect intimate socials, live workshops, state-altering experiences, morning wellness, bonfires and dancing. Here's some of the events from last time...

  • ​A breathwork journey for inner purpose

  • The art of emotional storytelling

  • Entrepreneurship studio; skillshare

  • Sharing session; extreme vulnerability

  • The drums – a tribal jamming session

  • Visualise your future workshop

  • Morning yoga

  • Ecstatic dance night

    & more...

Ultimately, the people make it

Since it's a co-created event... getting the right people means everything. 
Everyone invited is warm-hearted, open minded and ready to take action together.

With people from over 12 countries on our last Summit. Including: founders, community builders, experience designers, freelancers, artists, spiritual guides, fitness facilitators & more...

Where it's happening

12 Jun  16 Jun, over 5 days
Andalucia, Spain

We’ll be taking over the whole Cortijo retreat, nestled in the lush forests & rolling hills of a nature reserve. With rooms, kitchens, three yoga decks, organic farmland, dance studio, a fire amphitheatre(!) and more.

We'll get three meals per day while we're there. Organic, vegan and locally sourced.


Double Bed, Private

Ideal for couples. Literally what it says on the title – double bed, in a room / semi-private space. 


Single Bed, Shared Room


Your own bed, in a room with others. The priority for these four nights isn't hiding in your room anyway; it's shared moments, enjoying the retreat space, & nature surrounding it.


There's space and facilities for camping. Decathlon tent, mattress & bedding will be provided. Or you can use your own tent / caravan / yurt / thing