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Join those shaping lives full of

Creation & Connection

We create ways of life where we can truly connect inwards everyday – while still taking action in the modern world.

Our Values

We speak to each person who applies to our Themed Colives; to ensure the right fit:


you’re extremely honest, to yourself and others. And can take feedback well.


you’re open to new opportunities, and constantly looking to grow as a person


You’re strongly motivated, by  causes other than money and self-gain.


You’re up for a laugh. You don’t take yourself too seriously all the time(!)


You recognise that we’re all in this human experience together, just trying to figure it out.


You value connecting to the present moment; even if it’s just once per day.

For Creators, Not Consumers

OK, so you probably still wanna know tangibly what our founding members do, right?     *sighs wearily*     Very well… The best way to describe us, is that we’re all creators, living life on our own terms:

Founders, freelancers, remote workers, community builders, experience designers, artists, wellness facilitators and more.


Wellness Lovers

All of our members appreciate the value of taking care of body & mind. With our own morning routines, & lots of curiosity to try new things.

20+ countries

We're pretty damn global. With members from over 20 countries so far, and each continent (yes, that includes Antarctica. We signed up a penguin).

Some of our members

Become A Member

Want to co-create realities that bring deep connection back into our lives?

We only accept people into our community once they've done an in-person experience with us. Apply to join one, and we'll see you soon : )

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