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Flows are meditative experiences designed to take you into altered states. Everyday.

If you could tap into a higher state of being everyday for a month, how would your life change?

We’re creating Flows to find out.

By combining meditation, breathwork, somatics, philosophy, yoga, meditation, visualisation – & whatever the hell else it takes. Into one hour experiences that will take you to different states.



Conscious breathwork

Awareness meditation

Solfeggio frequencies

Tribal beats


Heart meditation

Chakra Breathing

Future visualisation


Classical music




Breath of Fire

Ashtanga yoga




Okinaga breathwork

Noting meditation

Solfeggio frequencies


Somatic movement

Ecstatic dance

Free-flow drawing


A Journey Into The Present

We’re designing flows, so that you'll:

✓ find clarity in your choices

✓ deepen your breath

✓ feel more alive

✓ try all sorts of different practices

✓ learn which ones resonate for you

And the unexpected things that come from connecting to a higher state of being everyday.

Your Morning Routine Adventure

Prepare | flows can be done in-person, or at home. You just need headphones & your mat.
Adventure | you won’t know what’s going to happen in each flow, until it happens. Roll with the process.
Immerse | Each flow combines all sorts of methods into a smooth journey. All alongside sounds that sync to each moment.

Nothing Is Off Limits

We use whatever it takes to get you into specific states of being. No matter how out of your comfort zone they are.

This is a way to bring adventure, variety and rigor to your daily inner practice. Seeing where it takes you, and exploring consciousness through the best vehicle we have; our Self.

Get Involved

If you're an embodied teacher or enjoy mixing music – and are interested in co-creating some of these Flows with us, reach out below. Alternately, if you're interested in joining the beta group to try out Flows as they first launch, do so!

That’s why we’re making Flows.


Combining different areas of wellness into daily inward adventures – that allow you to connect to your body, mind and greatest self.



To get involved in making one, or join the pre-release group to try them out – request to join our community at Innate. If we’re a good fit, then you’ll become a Founding Member, and we can go from there : )


If we can connect to ourselves once per day – to higher states – we feel truly alive. From there, the effects will spillover to the rest of our lives.


But we don’t find the time for it. We don’t know how to access those states either. And we see wellbeing as part of our “things to do list” rather than something epic in and of itself.

That’s a massive shame, because right now we need this inward connection more than ever;– with non-stop social media, endless ads and our fast paced lifestyles.

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