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We're the most prosperous we've ever been. Yet also the most disconnected...

Disconnected to our selves – with minds that are overstimulated, and unaware of our bodies.

Disconnected to others – we live in concrete jungles and spend our time on screens.

Disconnected to the natural world – we don't know where our food comes from, or what our purpose is.

So ... how can we create a more fulfilling way of life?

One where we can bring that deep connection back, yet still thrive in our modern world.

Where we can explore inwards, live with nature, find purpose – and feel alive everyday.

But where we can also take bold action together. To shape the world around us for the better.

We founded Innate  to gather the creators of this new way of life.

We combine physical spaces, themed experiences and select communities, on each of our colivings. To inspire inner connection and outer creation.

Here's how ...

Physical spaces

can we create an environment that's immersed in nature, yet also entrepreneurially productive?

Our Coliving venues are surrounded by real nature. While ensuring that there is a dedicated cowork space with fast wifi.

Themed experiences

can we integrate practices that take us into different states of being – into our daily lives?

On retreats & bootcamps we spend a few days immersed in themes that bring us into the present moment... before going back to our 'real lives'. But they shouldn't be separated.

Select community

can we create an authentic global community of practical idealists?

Who live between the worlds of inner connection and outer creation. And are consistently taking action together to spark new heights.

If our message resonates with you, join one of our upcoming Colives. If you want to know more about us – our vision, ethos, beliefs – check out the Our Philosophy page:

Make things happen, while connecting to


Our community creates experiences that inspire innately fulfilling ways of life.

Hey! I'm Harry, founder at Innate.


Like so many in our generation, I found myself disillusioned by the state of society; –


Where we live disconnected from each other, ourselves and the natural world. With societies focussed on consumption, speed and individual success.


There has to be a better way.

So 5 years ago I cofounded a company called 'Nomad MBA'. Which brought people together to colive across the world, while launching purposeful careers.

Over 4 years, we had 300+ attendees and 100+ ideas were launched.

From it, I realised that there's so much joy in communal living alongside other conscious & entrepreneurial people.


But we were only finding that community temporarily, through programs & retreats...

That’s why I founded Innate.


So that we can come together to create a new reality. Where we can connect to ourselves, to others & the world around us. And then take bold action to create lasting change in the world around us. As a community, everyday.


That is how we feel truly alive – and shape the world around us for the better.

Our Story

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