We're gathering those who are ready to meditate together everyday for a month. While getting their remote work done, near nature.

Join a tribe of conscious entrepreneurial people, by the beaches of south Portugal. Do a guided meditation each morning together. Then get coworking – with fast wifi and deskspace. Finish by heading for sunset dinner, having deep conversations or dancing under the moon. Or join the silent meditation we'll host each night.


This is not a retreat or a hackathon .... this is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.

South Portugal

Meditation Colive

7 Nov – 6 Dec 2022


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. Allowing you to integrate meditation into your daily life over the month. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, cook together, surf, exchange skills, dance, whatever.

The Itinerary

week one

Resting In Awareness

  • Practice an ancient Tibetan-Buddhist meditation technique

  • Build a strong daily meditation routine (60 mins per morning and evening

  • Enter the "headless way'

week four

Living In The Here & Now

  • the Practice of Feeding Your Demons by Tsultrim Allione

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parts Mapping (from internal family systems therapy)

  • Integrating altered states into your life

week two

Strengthen Your Foundation

  • Discover the power of reflective meditations

  • Detach from your past self

  • ​Koans and knowing your inner 'Self'

week three

Visualisation Towards A Higher Self

  • Cleansing unserving thoughts and entering primordial awareness

  • Intention setting

  • ​Practicing deep silence & meditative movement

Your facilitators

Jeremy Sikkens

– founder, Earthlight

With over 20 years of experience in meditation, and having taken refuge with Tibetan-Buddhist teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche. Balancing deep practice with running his fast growing marketing brand, Jeremy is on a mission to inspire people to integrate meditation in their everyday lives He will be bringing all of his experience, and some guest monks out there, to steer this 4 week journey.

Harry Verma

– founder, Innate

Harry has over six years of creating colivings that bring entrepeneurial people together from around the world, to live together – with over 500 attendees and 9 programs run. His focus is on selecting the right people, facilitating the community and ensuring we co-create something special together.

Sasha Dimitrevic

– Community Manager

Sasha is a community ecosystem weaver with experience building, fostering, and elevating communities and intentional spaces throughout the USA. She is passionate about combating loneliness and creating structures and experiences which elevate groups and bring people together with intention.

Amir Giles

– meditation facilitator

Amir runs retreats exploring the nature of reality, perception and consciousness. He facilitates meditation events at the Psychedelic Society, and practices enquiry techniques inspired by non-dual traditions & the science behind them. He's trained as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy. He has a background as performer, movement coach and facilitator in cinema, TV, stage and festival.


We'll be in the south of Portugal. Tranquil hikes, hours of warm sun, pristine beaches and green hills. We'll be coliving near a quiet town, just 15 minutes walk to a surf beach. This is the ideal setting to reconnect to the natural world.

the price: €2400

for the final spaces we have.

✔ your private room for a month

✔ Ten 1 hour meditation sessions per week

✔ a half-day guided meditation, movement and sharing circle each weekend

✔ a full day ending meditation ceremony

✔ accommodation (inc. lounges, kitchens, pool, outdoor areas, etc)

✔ full-time community facilitators & meditation guides

✔ spaces to cowork (with fast wifi & desks)

✔ 28 handpicked people

We have a selection process to ensure the right match. This involves a quick application & then a chat.


We have a variety of double rooms available. The accommodation is nestled in a quiet town near the beach. With kitchen, lounges, outdoor dining spaces, pool etc.

for the
Practical Idealists

Founders, community builders, freelancers, technologists, creatives, remote workers and more... we select creators who are also warm-hearted & inwardly curious.