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We're gathering those who are ready to go on meditative journeys, everyday for a month. While working remotely, surrounded by nature.

Join a tribe of conscious entrepreneurial people, by forests & rivers of North Portugal. Do a guided sound meditation each morning together. Then get coworking – with fast wifi and deskspace. Finish by heading for sunset dinner, having deep conversations by a bonfire or dancing under the moon.

This is not a retreat or a hackathon .... this is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.


Sound Meditation Colive

17 Sep – 15 Oct


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour and a half each morning. Allowing you to integrate sound-meditation into your daily life over the month. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, cook together, exchange skills, chill by the pool, whatever.

week one

The Fundamentals of Sound

  • Introducing Nada Yoga (exploring consciousness through sound)

  • Mindful listening

  • Pillars of Sound Therapy

week four

Sound as Spiritual Practice

  • Toning and re-alignment of energetic imbalances

  • Tapping into our Inner Sound

  • Exploring meditative states through different paths

week two

The Art of Listening

  • Deep listening meditation practices

  • Cultivating our inner ear and setting our tone

  • Finding effortlessness through sound

week three

Towards Inner Freedom

  • Musical growth : how to tend our inner stillness

  • Improvisation Games, stumbling towards freedom

  • Deepening our meditation

The Journey

subject to change

Your facilitators

Zeger Gabriel

After years on the jazz and improvisational music scene, Zeger began delving into music as medicine. Travelling the world for over a decade to immerse himself in sacred music traditions ... through India, Africa and South America ... he was able to partake in active sacred music
traditions where sound & music were intentionally applied for spiritual alignment. Going particularly deep into the path of Nada Yoga, ‘the exploration of consciousness through sound’.


Now, playing and listening to music has become a form of meditation; a journey through the subtler realms iinto the depths of our being.


– Experiences, Innate

Edgar has spent over 3 years at colivings. Running them in different capacities from the operations to community management – and everything in between. He brings his joyful energy and skill with groups to facilitating the vibes of this tribe.

By Geres, Portugal

We'll be in the north of Portugal. Tranquil hikes, hours of warm sun, rolling forests, green valleys and pristine rivers. This is an ideal place to reconnect to the natural world.

the price: €2400

early bird. normally €2600. which includes:

✔ your double bedroom en-suite for a month

✔ Five hour-and-a-half meditation sessions per week

✔ a half-day inner-sound retreat each weekend

✔ a beginning and ending ceremony

✔ accommodation (inc. lounges, kitchens, pools, outdoor areas, etc)

✔ full-time community facilitators & teachers

✔ cowork areas with desks & fast wifi

✔ 22 handpicked people from across the world

We have a selection process to ensure the right match. This involves a quick application & then a chat.


We have a variety of double rooms en-suites available.

The accommodation itself is huge – more like a campus in the midst of nature. With wellness space, furnished kitchens, lounges, pools & acres of green lands around it.

for the
Practical Idealists

Founders, community builders, freelancers, technologists, creatives, remote workers and more... we select creators who are also warm-hearted & inwardly curious.