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Take the path less travelled,


Join a community of conscious, entrepreneurial people – as you share, grow & create together.

Why Become A Member?

Experience new ways of life

Get full access to all of our colives & retreats. At 10% discount or more.

Deepen Your Inner Journey

Explore consciousness together. With monthly meetups and embodied teachers.

Meet Inspiring People

Through gatherings by members, local meetups and warm intros to each other.

A community for the 'modern seeker'.

Founders, freelancers, remote workers & creatives. Exploring awareness & different ways of life, together.


nationalities present


Average age

25 mins

Avg daily inner practice

What's Included

Early & full access to our colives

10% discount off your colives

Full access to our retreats & festivals, at 10% off

Monthly member gatherings online, run by our team

Exploration of different inner practices each month

Most importantly, a select community of aligned people

Join us on annual membership.

We only accept 15 new members per month. To join, fill in an application, and if you're a good fit we'll have a call to get to know each other better.

Price: €190 per year

Some Of Our Members

  • When & where does it start? And end?
    The Gathering will happen at The Gardens; near Viana do Castelo. The closest airport is Porto. Exact address for the gates to the venue entrance: R. da Regedoura 221, Geraz do Lima (Santa Maria), Portugal You can arrive anytime after 2pm on 4th October. It ends on 8th October, after a morning brunch. So book your exit flights later in the afternoon/eve that day; it's about a 50 mins drive to the airport. For people who are contributing an event to the Gathering, or helping to setup stuff ... they can come from 2nd October – getting two days of vibes and meals for free : )
  • How do I get there?
    We generally recommend getting to Porto, and then renting a car, or sharing a Bolt directly here with another attendee for ~€40 [€20 per person] - it takes about 45 minutes. Car rentals are stupidly cheap in Porto during October, so I'd highly recommend. Address for your car: R. da Regedoura 221, Geraz do Lima (Santa Maria), Portugal We'll open a Gathering whats app with attendees to help you coordinate your travels. If you'd prefer to take public transport, you can train to Viana do Castelo and then a taxi to the Garden. 70+15 minutes to the Garden --> €5+€15.
  • Can I bring my friends along?
    Definitely! We don't want this Gathering to be open to everyone ... only people that resonate with Innate. If you know of someone or multiple people who do, then bring them along : )
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    Let us know if you can't make it at least 3 weeks before. And we'll cancel your place. You'll then be able to use your payment for any other experiences at Innate.
  • Do I have to contribute something?
    Nope. But we'd love it if you did! Afterall, this is a co-created event. Apply as a contributor, and come a couple of days early for the pre-gathering shenanigans. A creative workshop, a movement session, dancing, a socialising idea ... you name it, we're open to it. Just email if you're unsure. There's very fast wifi, and deskspaces, at the venue. Which you'll be able to use during the two days before the gathering : )
  • Can I have my phone at some point during the 4 days?
    You can use your phone before the opening ceremony, and after the closing ceremony we run. From 7pm on the 4th October, until 7pm on the 7th, we'll be screens free. There is very fast wifi at the venue, and workstations too; so if you come a day or two early as a contributor, it's very easy for you to get some remote-work done.
  • What do you mean by a co-created experience ?
    The people who attend the experience, bring it all to life. Most of the events on this gathering are created and run by the people attending it. Giving them a chance to shine. And creating a varied and adventurous schedule(!) Trust us, our team has run these types of co-created experiences for over 6 years. They're magical. Afterall, it's all about bringing the right people together, in an inspiring setting... and then letting things flow.
  • What are my accommodation options?
    First you'll buy a ticket that gives you full access to the venue and facilities. As well as 3 chef-prepped vegetarian meals per day, and coffee/tea. Then you can buy accommodation seperately. Coming in your own tent or van is free. A tipi, fully setup with mattress and sheets, is €120. Bell tents are around €150. And private rooms are pricier.
  • Can I help setup the gathering?
    Yes! Message We're assembling a small crew, who are down to come a couple of days early. You'll get those days (meals included) for free, and a lower price too. There's very fast wifi, and deskspaces, at the venue. Which you'll be able to use during the two days before the gathering : )
"For the modern seeker, the practical idealists, the purposeful misfits"
We love these paradoxical phrases. Because while we're individuals ... we're also communal creatures.
Flourishing when surrounded by strong & kind relationships, yet still able to fully express our unique Self.

As many of us begin to snap out of life on 'auto pilot', we begin following our own paths... 

Creating entrepreneurial careers, trying different spiritual practices and seeking ... something.

This can be quite a solitary journey. Because we begin scattered across the world. Afterall, our awakenings were not planned, and emerge in people of all backgrounds.

But now it's time to come together.

Let's find ways to support and challenge each other. To share deep conversations and silly jokes. To get excited, then ground each other. To trade learnings and exchange feelings. 

... Let's walk the path together.

Why this?

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