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Create a life of deep connection

At Innate, we create Themed Colivings. Experiences where we bring select people together, to live & work-remotely in natural paradises – while immersing themselves into a theme.

Remote work means we can now connect deeply to nature, others and our 'self' – while still being productive in modern society


Our Why Is Simple

We create experiences that bring connection back into our lives. Connection to our selves, to others and the natural world – while still taking action to shape the world around us.

Now that so many of us can create value from anywhere there's fast wifi – how can we use this to create a better way of living? 

One where we're surrounded by uplifting nature. Where we can create lasting friendships with other entrepreneurial people. Where we can deeply explore different states of being, everyday.

With a whole month together, we can truly immerse ourselves into a new theme, community and habitat. We can immerse ourselves in a better way of life.


Live & cowork with inspiring people, while you explore


We create experiences that inspire innately fulfilling ways of life

community chat outdoors

Live with a select tribe for a month

Join a group of entrepreneurial people from across the world. Hang out, cook together & collaborate ... this is about communal living & sparking each others potential.

cowork bali

Get your work done in nature

With fast wifi, desks & dedicated cowork times – you'll be able to take your work with you. While being surrounded by the natural world.

Dive deep into an inward theme

There'll be an expert out there to guide you through a journey that will change your state of being, everyday.

for the

Purposeful Misfits

We have a call with each applicant, to ensure a good fit. We look for creators who are:  ✓action takers  ✓entrepreneurially minded  ✓inwardly curious  ✓purpose driven  ✓warm hearted

1 May – 30 May

North Portugal

Mindfulness Colive

A month coworking by green valleys and pristine rivers. Dive into meditation everyday, taking you into the present moment and bringing you to different states.

€2200. 1 space left.

Apply Now

1 Jun – 30 Jun

North Portugal

Meditation Colive

In partnership with the Psychedelic Society. Delve into a meditation journey every morning. Before doing your work remotely. End the day with a communal activity shared by someone in the tribe.
€2200. 11 spaces left.

Portugal, tba

Non-Dual Colive

A month immersing ourselves into non-duality practices. Mixing philoshopy, movement, sounds, meditations & visualisations.

Coming Soon

Mexico, tba

Primal Movement Colive

By the sands & cactii of Mexico. Cowork... while flowing through experimental exercise flows.

Coming Soon

Portugal, Sep '23

Meditation Colive

By the nature of Portugal – we'll dive into meditation daily as we colive together.

Coming Soon

How It Works

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