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Primal Flows Colive

4 Mar – 1 Apr

22 spaces, 3 left

Colombia • Mar • €1600 +

Primal Flows Colive
We're gathering those ready to go on a journey through primal movement, and daily meditation. While working remotely, in the horse lands of Colombia.

Join a tribe of conscious entrepreneurial people, in the lush hills of Colombia. Do a primal flows practice everyday together. Then get coworking. Maybe go for a hike with the horses. Then finish by having a communal dinner at sunset, and join the ecstatic dance organised at night by other attendees.

This is not a retreat .... this is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour everyday. Alongside a short meditation sit. Allowing you to integrate presence into your daily life over the month. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, explore, exchange skills, chill with the horses, whatever.

week one

Create Your Foundation

  • Guided practices to explore your “primal patterns” of natural movement

  • The basics of ground movement, crawling & balancing to build functional strength & mobility.

  • A blend of restorative practices & workouts for holistic fitness.

week four

Make It Your Practice

  • Somatic & expressive movement practices for emotional health

  • Implement “long game” strategies for prehab, self-care, fitness, and stress management.

  • Personalize your practice by aligning your goals & values.

week two

The Power Of Play

  • Workouts that leverage the power of PLAY to stimulate your body & mind

  • Start safely learning movement flow skills like handstands & soft acrobatics.

  • Training better movement through interactive partner & group movement games.

week three

Movement In Nature

  • Rewild yourself and renew your connection to nature.

  • Climb, run barefoot, crawl, jump, vault, and balance in nature’s playground.

  • Feel confident to move with strength & grace in the real world.

The Journey

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