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Our community creates experiences that inspire innately fulfilling ways of life.

We're building a second home – for those who live between the worlds of inner connection and outer creation.

Join others exploring consciousness, mindful practices & communal living – While still thriving in our modern world...

So, how do we bring that innate connection back?

For us, the path lies not in running away from modern life. But instead, in integrating both worlds.

Doing practices that bring us into the present moment. Exploring the wonders of nature. Sharing moments with others on the path.

And then, from that place of deep connection, taking action in the world as it is. Learning from our mistakes, making things happen and lifting up those around us.

Innate exists for the modern seeker. A community, a campus, a path ... a second home.


As humans, our true nature is one of joy and strength.  Deeply connected to the natural world, and the tribe we'd live in – with clear minds & healthy bodies.

Feeling truly alive.

Tatvasana Retreat

5 Jan – 12 Jan, South Portugal

A playful alternative to the Vipasana retreat. Designed so you can find inner stillness, see clearly and reconnect to your Self. Combining meditation, yoga, breathwork and ceremonies over seven intense days.

€990, 9 spaces left


Mixing deep silence, ancient practices & communal play. 


What happens if we enter a higher state of consciousness everyday?

One hour experiences that combine breathwork/calisthenics/philosophy/yoga ... whatever the hell it takes. To connect you to higher states of being.

Zen Colive

Oct - Nov, Portugal

Meditation Colive

Nov - Dec, West Portugal

Yoga Colive

Jan - Feb, S. Portugal

Breathwork Colive

Feb, Peru

Inner Sound Colive

17 Sept - 15 Oct, Portugal

Near surfing town Peniche. Dive into Zen teachings and practices each morning, honed over generations. Led by sensei Konrad Ryushin.

€2400, 3 spaces left


A month living & coworking in nature with inspiring people. While going on a deep inner journey together.

Intrigued? Our annual membership might be for you.

Join a community where you can share ideas, co-create experiences and support each other's inner journeys.

With full and early access to all of our colives & retreats, at 10% discount.

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