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Meditation Colive

"Reset & Renew" edition

2 Sep – 29 Sep 2024

24 spaces, 14 left

Portugal • Sep • €1900+

Meditation Colive

'Reset & renew' alongside a conscious community. While working remotely, surrounded by nature.

Join a tribe of conscious & entrepreneurial people, by forests & rivers of North Portugal. Do a guided meditation & workshops everyday together. Then get coworking – with fast wifi and deskspace. Finish by heading for sunset dinner, having deep conversations by a bonfire or dancing under the moon.

This is an experiment in creating a more innately fulfilling way of life.


You'll have daily guided sessions Mon - Fri, an hour each morning and most evenings. Allowing you to integrate mindfulness to truly rest & renew in your life. Outside of that, you'll have plenty of time to work online, cook together, exchange skills, chill by the pool, whatever.

week one

Settle in & slow down

  • Breath-awareness and ‘noticing’ techniques as a way to enter non-judgemental awareness

  • Somatic and body-practices to bring you into the here and now

  • Setting powerful intentions together and individually

week four

Resource & renew your new being

  • Integrating the different meditation practices & insights

  • Making new commitments in our relationships, career, and to ourselves – from a place of deeper clarity

  • Exploring what it means to make good endings; & renewing our commitments to change

week two

Metta & the art of 'true listening'

  • Adding on a ‘loving- kindness’ practice to our daily meditations

  • Exploring different and opposing desires, and ways to create inner alignment

  • Identifying internal tension between intentions to change and commitments to stay the same

week three

'Letting Go' to cultivate true strength

  • Continuing to deepen our meditation practice to support softening outdated behavioural patterns

  • Participating in a fire ritual to let go of what no longer serves

  • Attune to and celebrate natural cycles to mark the beginning of the new

The Journey

This will be a unique journey. Combining ancient meditation paths with modern psychotherapy and somatic approaches. Expect more "meditation" based sessions each morning; and evening workshops that are experimental & vulnerable...

for the
Practical Idealists

Founders, community builders, freelancers, technologists, creatives, remote workers and more... we select creators who are also warm-hearted & inwardly curious.

By Geres, Portugal

We'll be in the north of Portugal. Tranquil hikes, hours of warm sun, rolling forests, green valleys and pristine rivers. This is an ideal place to reconnect to the natural world.

the price: €1900+

upto €2500, depending on your room choice

✔ your own double bedroom en-suite for a month, all to yourself

✔ Eight meditation and inner-work sessions, each week 

✔ a half-day meditation retreat each Sunday

✔ socials & facilitated tribe experiences

✔ experienced meditation teachers and community-managers on site

✔ accommodation (inc. lounges, kitchens, pools, outdoor areas, etc)

✔ close by the forests of Geres national park

✔ cowork areas with desks & fast wifi

✔ 24 inspiring people, from across the world

We have a selection process to ensure the right match. This involves a quick application & then a chat.


We have a variety of double rooms en-suites available.

The accommodation itself is huge – more like a campus in the midst of nature. With wellness space, furnished kitchens, lounges, pools & acres of green lands around it.