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What Is Coliving & What Are Your Options?

You can work remotely, meaning you can work from… well, anywhere (hello beach life!)

So off you go, traveling the world when the whim takes you, working from exotic places and new cultures.

But you can’t shake the feeling that there’s something missing.

That something … is community.

And that’s where Coliving comes in.

Through Coliving, you get to live in paradises of your choosing around the world. You still get your work done remotely. And, most importantly, you surround yourself with likeminded people. Curious?

Well, buck up and read on to learn what it is, the best ones out there, and how to get some of those wholesome coliving vibes into your working life.

Hold up, what is Coliving?

Simply put, Coliving is where you can live alongside others, in spaces with shared common spaces and (usually) private rooms, around the world. Now, there’s a whole lot of different coliving types out there, but the ones we’re most into are the options for remote workers.

With all the people who can work remotely now, even if just for a month or so per year, there’s been an explosion in coliving spaces to cater to them. With coworking areas and fast wifi guaranteed for you to work effectively. With private rooms to recharge in. And shared spaces to hang out in; kitchens, lounges, pools, outdoor areas and more.

So that you can share moments socializing over cooking, on the balcony catching the sunset, and even doing daily wellness together with other remote workers.

Nice. How does coliving work?

Really, it starts with you having a remote job. (see Work in Startups jobs board if you want one).Then you’ll want to join a coliving that has the right vibe for you – near the beach for daily surf and sunset drinks? Or by a powdery mountain for a.m. skiing and evening saunas?

Once you’re out there, you’ll spend longer than on retreats or at hostels staying; typically guests of Colivings stay for between 2 weeks and a few months. Afterall, you’re working out there and building a lifestyle around it; not passing by like a tourist.

You’ll have your own room, and use the common spaces to meet amazing remote workers from around the world in your free time. Lounging together, sharing meals, exploring towns, and well, having fun I guess. But of course, when you need to work, there’ll be the cowork area to make sh*t happen from. And the best part is that everyone else out there will have work to do too; so you’ll feel the momentum of others around working hard while you do. Heck, quite a lot of time collaborations happen in the cowork spaces too; there’s a lot of talented people living the free way of life that Coliving enables afterall.

Seems Legit. So … How do I Find The Right Coliving For Me?

The good news is, there’s SO MANY coliving spaces emerging right now. So, in choosing one, simply ask yourself “what environment do I want to live in – beach, cities, forest, lakes? And what activities do I want to do before/after work – surfing, yoga, street-food hunting, hiking, partying…?”

Of course, another thing to keep in mind is timezones. If you’re working at a startup that’s on European timezones, it may be best to stick to a region on a similar longitude as them.

And then you’ll also want to consider prices too. Want to colive in a beautiful renovated French castle, with a high-ceilinged double bedroom, in acres of ancient farmland?

Well, there’s a coliving experience for that! But you’re gonna have to pay $$$ for it.

Anyways. Here’s nine of our favorite coliving options for European timezone remote workers, along with their ‘vibes’:

A rural coworking and coliving space in northern Spain

With cottages and gardens where you can stay. Expect relaxed, slow-life cibes, homemade food, and kind people. Located in a rather remote village amongst hills & valleys.

A coworking and coliving spaces in Taghazout, Morocco. With a location near the beach and a very strong surfing scene around you. Along with the cultural pros & cons that come with living in Morocco.

A friendly space and community in the south of Portugal. Expect to be near a few beaches, not far from rolling forests, and 10 mins walk from the lively town of Lagos. They put a big emphasis on selecting kind and open people; making the vibes for living here for months rather pleasant. Around €750 per month.

A platform hosting a range of coliving spaces around the world, of all sizes and vibes. This is one of the places to check out on your search for the perfect coliving experience for your next community lifestyle.

Our first chain on the list(!)

Selina are literally everywhere; and offer coliving passes where you can get a private room for a discounted price for a month, to use across any of their properties. Each of their properties include cowork spaces, kitchens, shared hangout spaces, daily wellness and more. That being said, expect a lot of hostel travelers and families there too; so not always ideal.

Here’s something a bit different. Because rather than being in a natural / exotic location, this one’s in London and NY. Expect boujie vibes, plush shared common areas, cinema rooms, pools and cupboard sized bedrooms. And ready thy wallet; this one ain’t comin’ cheap

Immersed in the rather stunning natural landscape of Norway, this one’s in a traditionally cold country(!) Very intimate and cozy vibes here during the evenings. With a strong emphasis on hiking, surfing, climbing, mountaineering and making fires…

In the countryside of Northern France, this one’s in a castle. A goddamn castle. Need we say more? Very well… expect a warm community run by two hosts who prioritise shared meals & moments. In the midst of rolling green country, living and working from the renovated grand rooms of 12th century edifice.

Innate create coliving experiences to inspire innately fulfilling ways of life. With select communities created for a month at a time to live and cowork in deep nature, while immersing themselves in a theme each morning. Ranging from breathwork and meditation, to yoga and climbing for the month. If you’re looking to combine a retreat experience with working life, this might be for you.


There’s so many options out there for you – from select communities exploring wellness (like Innate’s colivings) to very laid back rural colivings with ‘whomever shows up is the right community’ vibes.

So… have a look around and select the coliving option that fits your lifestyle dreams!

Rounding Up – Why Coliving Is Good For You

Simply put, coliving is the future. If we want to live from beautiful places, explore the world and still get our work done remotely, while having real community around us. You need look no further. And really, what else do you need to feel fulfilled?!

You’ll make wonderful friends. Find collaborators in your work. And create stories worth telling – all without losing a day of holiday. So, what are you waiting for?

Sort the remote job. Pack your laptop. And experience an alternate way of life...



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