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Why A Yoga Themed Colive?

Ahhh yoga ... the downward dogging, the Sanskrit chants, the endless stream of new variants ('goat yoga' exists. yes, really).

With it's wonderful toolkit of moves, philosophies, meditations and more ... it's the ideal way to help us become more connected – both inwardly and outwardly.

From the physical benefits – increased strength, flexibility, balance and breath.

To the inner benefits – feeling more centred, optimistic, calm and stoic.

There's so many benefits yoga can bring to our lives, on the mat and off it.

Now, when most of us think of yoga, we think of the moving poses.

Some done slowly like in yin or hatha styles, and others faster or stronger like ashtanga or vinyasa... with moves like chaturanga, tree pose and warriors.

But that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Yoga is also meditations, pranayamas (breathwork), chanting... It's how we can eat, the intentions we orient our being towards, and reams of ancient philosophy.

Afterall, 'yoga' means "to yoke" or "to unite".

To feel that deep connection to the Self, to other beings, and the world around us. To experience the consciousness underlying our perceived reality, if we can but momentarily step away from our mind's endless stream of thoughts.

So... it's actually the perfect theme for an Innate colive.

Innate's purpose is to get people experiencing a deep connection to Self, others and nature, while still getting our work done, remotely. To be "of the world" rather than sucked "in to the world".

Sounds a lot like the original purpose of 'yoga' eh?


The Upcoming Yoga Colive Journey

There are many paths towards this feeling of unity, of connection.

If using a chair somehow brings you towards a state of 'yoga', well then ... you've got yourself "chair yoga". But here at Innate, we prefer to stick to the tried and tested pathways...

  • hatha yoga

  • ashtanga yoga

  • yoga nidra

  • vinyasa yoga

We will start the day with yoga. Going through a mix of faster and more physical asanas some days – giving you all the physical benefits and leaving you energised for your work And then some days doing lower and more contemplative asana practices – a great way to slow the mind down and go deep within.

We'll end each asana practice with a long meditation sit, to truly enter the present moment. No doubt there'll be some pranayamas, mantras, and philosophy sprinkled in the daily practices too, as we use the full breadth of yoga to become more connected.

Afterall ... the approach we have at Innate is to adventure through the different tools and practices within yoga. So that you deepen your practice, feel inspired everyday, learn new methods and find out which ones resonate most with you.

Our Yoga Journey

subject to change, example only

week 1: Strengthen Your Foundation
  • Moving practice (asanas) – hatha yoga foundations

  • Meditation methods like chakra meditation and dharana techniques

  • Use cleansing techniques, applying the six Kriyas to your yoga practice

week 2: Deepen Your Intensity
  • Moving practice (asanas) – ashtanga yoga foundations

  • Pranayamas like 'fire breath', 'bellows breath', 'chakra breathing' & more

  • Philoshopy of ayurveda & how to apply it daily

week 3: Truly Relax Your Being
  • Moving practice – intermediate hatha yoga & beyond

  • Relax deeply through yoga nidra techniques

  • Apply & understand bhanhas & mudras into your practice

week 4: Live In The Here & Now
  • Moving practice – intermediate vinyasa yoga & beyond

  • Mantra chanting and the principles underlying it

  • Philosophy of the patanjalis & taking your yoga beyond the mat

Some Yoga Resources We'd Recommend

listen: Alan Watts on Yoga – a wonderful 25 minute listen, on the story and philosophy underlying yoga.

read: Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – a deep book heading into the roots, philosophy and meanings behind much of the yoga we do today.

practice: Yoga with Tim – really good free classes on youtube, with excellent attention to the foundations and getting the right technique. Also... really gives a challenge to the core(!)

practice: Sarah Beth Yoga – one of the most known youtube class influencers in the yoga space. Excellent classes for the beginner in you; without any fluff around it.


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