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Where We'll Be: Our South Portugal Campus

Our home will be modern & spacious; with lots of green space, close to the beach...

In creating the ideal space for a new way of life, between two worlds...

we've found a venue that might just be ideal.

For connecting to nature – we'll be a 12 minutes walk to the beach. With our campus also having swathes of green space.

For connecting to Self – we have a yoga shala on-site within our campus. For our daily practices, and communal events.

For connecting to others – there'll be 3 swimming pools, communal lounges, and outdoor decks. For us to hang out and co-create together.

Yet... it has all the amenities for modern life too.

Private double-bedroom en-suites that are clean and light.

Fast wifi.

Lots of kitchens, and lounges, so we can cook for ourselves.

Close to a small town, so we can get food and chill in cafes when we want to.

Now it just needs the right people there. Maybe that's you(?)

In Carvoiero, Portugal

The region we'll be in is lovely.

We'll be surrounded by a small fishing town that has lots of nice cafes as younger European people have been moving there recently.

With green fields and a strong ecstatic dance and meditation community in the area. And a famous beach just a quick walk away.

Where we'll no doubt spend lots of sunsets. Chilling, playing volleyball, swimming, or just gazing at the stars.

The philosophy behind this month is to have our own campus with lots of space for us to experiment in.

To truly connect to our selves, each other & the natural world.

We have that opportunity thanks to this lovely space.


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