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Where We'll Be: Our North Portugal Campus

Our home will be primal yet modern; connected to nature & connected to wifi...

In creating the ideal space for a new way of life, between two worlds...

We need somewhere that's surrounded by real nature.

Yet also with desks & bullet speed wifi.

We'd need a dedicated area we could practice wellness from.

Smaller kitchens we can cook for ourselves in.

And a professional kitchen we can cook communally in.

We'd need rooms for a tribe of twenty-five, to have our privacy.

Yet also have lots of outdoor & lounge spaces to live collectively.

seems like a lot, eh?

Well, somehow we've found a venue that covers all of those needs...

We'll stay in a series of beautiful cottages that belonged to a farm in a previous life. Each refurnished to a high standard on the inside. All of the rooms within are double-bed en-suites, with lounges and kitchens in each cottage too.

Those cottages are clustered around a huge main house, with a cowork space on the top floor. At the bottom is our breathwork studio & communal kitchen.

Oh, and our place has two pools too.

And a pizza oven room.

Outdoor dining spaces.

A bonfire pit.

Five resident cats (as a cat person, this is key).

And lots of nature; rivers cleaner than Evian water, wild animals and acres of forest.

It's the perfect setting for our one month experiment.
Now it just needs ... well, the right people there. Maybe that's you(?)

In Geres, Portugal

The region we'll be in is truly beautiful.

We'll be surrounded by green valleys and rivers that we can swim, kayak & drink from.

We'll also be an hour from the beach, for any weekend shenanigans.

The philosophy behind this month is to have our own campus with lots of nature for us to experiment in.

Cooking around fires, dancing under the stars, bathing in hotsprings, doing workshops in the fields, going for runs through the forests.

To truly connect to our selves, each other & the natural world.

We have that opportunity thanks to this lovely space.

A word on coworking

This is a hugely important part of this. To be able to thrive in each our entrepreneurial endeavours while out there, is what makes this more integrated way of life possible.

For momentum & collaboration, there's the large shared cowork space; with desks & fast wifi.

For more focussed work, there's the lounges in each of our cottages, with fast wifi.

For calls, there's the desk in your room, also with fast wifi.

Oh, and for those creative, non-tech work moments – there's plenty of nooks & tables spread around outdoors.

Basically, you don't even have to take a day off during the month experiment.

And you may find that you create more value out there than in your normal routine.

Books On Integrating Primal Being With Modern Life

Sapiens (by Yuval Noah Harari) but then, you already knew that one, didn't you?

podcast with Yuval

A Hunter Gatherer's Guide To The 21st Century (by Brett Weinstein, Heather Heying)

podcast with Brett Weinstein

Deep Work (by Cal Newport)


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