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Why We Chose Breathwork

If we went deep into our selves through intense guided breathwork, everyday for a month ... how does that impact our work? How does that change us?

Ahhh ... the breathe.

We all have it ...

And we're using it over 22,000 times per day.

It gives us life, and very much defines the quality of our life too.

But consciously manipulating it?

**puts on Wim Hof voice**

Now we're talking breathwork

From ancient pranayamas of the Vedic societies, to modern holotropic methods – there's a lot of practices we can try out over a month.

This September – with the guidance of our breathwork coach Steven – you'll experience different types of breathwork capable of altering your state of being. You'll deepen your practice. And you'll integrate it into your day-to-day life, because, after-all, there is no distinction between your inner world and outer world.

Steven leads breathwork session at our Summit. Ah, simpler times

But ... why breathwork as the first colive?

Great question, you primal being.

Simply put, breathwork has the power to take us to different states of being, everyday.

And there's a lot of states included in that statement.

States of deep focus, of mental stillness, of connection to the natural world, of strength, alertness, deep relaxation, trauma release, euphoria and more.

From that state, we then go into our days; getting our work done in the cowork space first. And then letting it all go, to eat a communal dinner and share stories under the stars.

Of course, breathwork has other proven benefits beyond altering your state each day. Especially when we get the chance to practice longer sessions, accumulating over a month:

--> increase your lung capacity & physical fitness

--> improve your baseline mental clarity

--> release tension in the body

--> let go of traumas

--> increase your energy levels

--> reduce anxiety & increase positive thoughts

With a rich history to back it up; from yogis, monks, free divers, special forces troops, performers, athletes and more. All benefitting from breathwork in different ways.

Simply put, breathwork fits the primal way of being we want to bring back into our lives at Innate. It's daily ritual that connects us to our mind, body, the people and nature around us. Fully integrated into our lives – with our work, chores & socialising happening too on the same day.

Our Upcoming Breathwork Journey

Week 1 – Breathe Into Awareness

• Practice ancient techniques (pranayamas)

• Delve deep within through conscious connected breathing

• Reconnect the body to the mind, through recalibrating your nervous system

Week 2 – Break Through

Week 3 – Breath In Connection

Week 4 – Breath To Reach Altered States

don't worry, we won't make you do this ... it'll be sunny in Portugal(!)

Books, Podcasts & Apps We'd Recommend

Breath – New Science Of A Lost Art (by James Nestor) podcast with James Nestor

Holotropic Breathwork (by Stanislav & Christina Grof)

podcast with Stan Grof

Breathwrk app (play store) (apple store)

podcast with Wim Hof


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