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Upcoming Colives

The way we experience life is, well, everything. So we invite you to join one of our Themed Colives – & let's see how the experience changes you over a month...

Sound Meditation Colive

17 Sep - 15 Oct, North Portugal

A month working remotely by green valleys and pristine rivers. Immerse yourself into sound journeys together... as you enter meditative states everyday. 

€2400, sold out

Zen Colive

15 Oct - 12 Nov, West Portugal

Near surfing town Peniche. Dive into Zen teachings and practices each morning, honed over generations. Led by sensei Konrad Ryushin.

€2400, sold out

Meditation Colive

25 Nov - 23 Dec, South Portugal

Where it's still sunny in winter.  Meditate daily, guided by co-author of The Mind Illuminated, Matthew Immergut. Then cowork, & enjoy communal moments by the beach.

€2600, 9 spaces left

Mindfulness Colive

13 Jan - 10 Feb, South Portugal

By the beach.  Flow through meditation and movement daily. While working remotely in an inspiring community.

€2500, 14 spaces left

Breathe & Move Colive

1 Feb - 29 Feb, Peru

In The Sacred Valley, surrounded by Inca hikes and stunning mountains. Enter a breathwork & yoga journey, while communal living.

€2500, 15 spaces left

Italy, Sep 2022

Breathwork Colive

A month coworking in the forests. Doing breathwork throughout, with other remote workers.

25 people, sold out

Sold Out

Bali, Mar '23

Yoga Colive

In the tropics. Yoga everyday, & getting our work done remotely. Communal jamming, exploring of Bali and lots of cacao ceremonies happened(!)

20 people, sold out

Sold Out

Morocco, Nov 2022

Meditation Colive

A month by the beach. Meditating daily as we integrated living in the 'now' with our lives.

32 people, sold out

Sold Out

Portugal, May '23

Mindfulness Colive

A month coworking by green valleys and pristine rivers. Dive into meditation everyday, taking you into the present moment and bringing you to different states.

23 people, sold out

Sold Out

Spain, Jun '23

Meditation Colive

In partnership with the Psychedelic Society. Delve into a meditation journey every morning. End the day with a communal activity shared by someone in the tribe.

23 people, sold out

Sold Out

Past Colives

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