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Upcoming Colives

The way we experience life is, well, everything. So we invite you to join one of our Themed Colives – & let's see how the experience changes you over a month...

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A month immersing ourselves into a Tantric non-dual practices. Mixing philosophy, movement, meditation, visualisations, sounds and more. Every morning. Before getting our work done in nature.

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Jun 1 – Jun 30

North Portugal


In partnership with the Psychedelic Society. Delve into a meditation journey every morning. Before doing your work remotely. End the day with a communal activity shared by someone in the tribe.

May 1 – May 30
North Portugal


A month coworking by green valleys and pristine rivers. Dive into meditation everyday, taking you into the present moment and bringing you to different states.

Portugal, Sep 2022

Breathwork Colive

A month coworking in the green valleys of North Portugal. Dive into breathwork throughout, alongside other remote workers.

27 people attended

Sold Out


Primal Flows Colive

Between the jungles & oceans of East Mexico. Integrate calisthenic and natural movement patterns into your daily life.


Portugal, Nov 2022

Meditation Colive

A month by the beach. Practice meditation daily as you integrate living in the presently with your working life.

32 people attended

Sold Out

Past Colives

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