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The Five Best Coliving Spaces in Europe

written by Casey Louw, edited by Harry Verma

So... you can work remotely. Nice(!)

That doesn't just mean you can work from "anywhere" ... but can also choose who you live alongside, and what you fill your leisure time with.

Essentially, you can reimagine your entire lifestyle. To be surrounded by likeminded people, immersed in new environments and ... well, to live life to the fullest.

Good news is, coliving and coworking spaces are popping up globally... that allow you to do just that. So, let's run through five of the best European timezone options out there for you...

1. Sun & Co, Javea, Spain

  • You'll be near by gorgeous green valleys, beaches & the ocean

  • There's a very active community there, running lots of workshops & events.

  • You can stay 2 weeks- 2 months. And if you can't stay there, you can stay nearby and still join their community, getting many of it's benefits even when they're full.

  • Peak season is damn busy. This is from March to November. Also expect to have to book this place months in advance, which can be far from ideal for people with a more "bohemian" lifestyle

  • Spain is a tourist hubbub. Certain parts of the area, are gonna be VERY busy and full of foreign visitors passing through

2. Chateau, France

  • If high ceilings, beautiful furniture and lots of green forests are your vibe. Then welcome home.

  • Katia and her team have created a very communal vibe; expect everyone to share lots, pitch in with chores and eat together.

  • Honestly, you're living & working in a 12th century castle. A goddamn castle. Need we say anymore??

  • This place is stunning, and the prices reflect that – expect rates to start on the steep end, so you'll need to be a higher earning remote worker

  • Being in North France, the temperatures drop fast, once you go beyond the summer months.

3. Arctic Coworking Lodge, Lofoten, Norway

  • A non-warm country?! But it's truly stunning – surrounded by fjords and mountains. And it's close to Unstad, a popular surfing destination.

  • This is a very nature-orientated colive. Remote workers who enjoy outdoor hikes, surfing and activities will thrive here.

  • Expect a more intimate vibe here; with just 10 rooms available, you'll really get to know everyone you stay with : )

  • Lofoten island risks being overrun by tourists, made popular by Hollywood movies like the Matt Damon movie, Downsizing, which was filmed in the area. damn you Damon!!

  • I mean, it's in Scandinavia. You'd better be OK with the cold. obviously

4. Noma Village, Lagos, Portugal

  • With two cowork spaces, two big kitchens, two swimming pools and 15+ double bed ensuite rooms, you've got space at this coliving to make it a home.

  • You're 10 mins walk from Porto Mos, a lovely beach. You're also right beside some lovely hikes, countryside and Lagos... a lively and bustling town.

  • Kevin & Edgar, who run the place, put a big emphasis on selecting kind and open people; making the vibes for living here for months ... rather pleasant.

  • it closes at peak season in Lagos, to avoid the billions of tourists that descend upon the area. So June – August you can't come here.

  • lack of call booths means you'll need to use the desk in your room lots if calls are your thing.

5. Sun Desk, Taghazout, Morocco

  • OK fine... this one's not in Europe – but it's close by, and on the same timezone(!) Being in Morocco, you'll be in warmer weather, close by the beach and ocean – in a surfing mecca. With wonderful cuisine and a new culture to explore around you.

  • Sundesk is a very established coliving space... with reliable internet, a strong community and excellent reviews

  • They have different tiered pricing, and if you're on a budget the 'budget room' comes to less than €20 per day if you stay for a while

  • Being in Morocco, it is less developed; and you'll be in a very different culture. Where the rights and customs may not suite Western liberties all the time

  • Sadly, people have been discovering Taghazout... so prepare to share the beach and cafe spaces outside Sundesk with a lot of tourists


Righto, that's your lot for now. If there's coliving spaces that you think should be added as one of the best coliving spaces in Europe, mention in the comments below.

Ultimately, remote work has given us the opportunity to completely reimagine the way we live. Coliving is at the heart of that, enabling us to live & work flexibly, while having stronger communities than ever before.

So, what lifestyle do you want to create with your next coliving choice?


ps. if you're looking for a colive that integrates coworking with going on a deep wellness journey, in nature – checkout Innate's upcoming coliving experiences.

From Meditation themed coliving in Portugal, to Psychedelics themed coliving in Mexico. We bring conscious & entrepreneurial people together to create more connected ways of life.

We may not qualify for "one of the best coliving spaces in Europe", but we might for "best coliving experiences"!


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